10 Smart Social Media Promotion Ideas


Unfortunately, it is not enough to create business accounts on social media, gather an initial audience, and leave it like that. It is a path to disaster. Instead, you should regularly post exciting content and promote your brand and products in the best fashion. But, many of you might wonder which social media promotion ideas are the most effective. That is precisely what we’re going to talk about in this article.

Share content from your fans and followers

Sharing user-generated content is an excellent social media promotion idea because it shows your followers that your customers enjoy having your product or service. As a matter of fact, people trust content from other consumers more than they do from brands. According to AdWeek survey, 76% of people said they were more likely to trust the average person. Besides building trust, you will create stronger relationships with customers whose content you shared.

Use branded social icons on your website

Every potential customer will first come to see your website before making the purchase. Therefore, you have two goals – to make them stay as much as possible and to direct them to your social media channels once they finish browsing the website. Consequently, it is smart to create visible, branded icons so visitors could easily spot them. For instance, you can use short banners or simply change the color.

Social-only discounts

Weekly deals and discounts were always popular, and the situation is the same nowadays in digital marketing. Social media (only) discounts are a perfect way to attract more people to your page and create engagement. For this reason, you create a discount for a part of your audience (who liked your brand on social media) and end it after some time. There are two things you achieve with it. In the first place, more people will like your page because otherwise, they won’t be aware of future discounts. And secondly, you will create a sense of urgency, which will make people want to utilize the discount period.


Promote social media accounts in newsletters

Newsletters are generally an excellent tool for a growing customer base and increasing brand awareness. Hence, there is no reason not to use it to promote your social media channels as well. Specifically, you can add social icons at the base, or, for a more direct approach, you can add a fan section with a community photo. Lastly, if you often send emails externally, you can add social media links to your email signature. It is one of the most beneficial social media promotion ideas out there.

Contests and giveaways

Social media contents and giveaways are a must for creating brand recognition. However, there are small tips that usually do the trick. First of all, giveaways that generate the highest engagement are those that are simple to enter. That is the best route by far, especially if you are a beginner in making contests. Secondly, we recommend user-generated contests with a specific event hashtag. Finally, since the goal of a giveaway or contest is to promote a particular product and create brand awareness, it is smart to add some branded hashtags to the caption.

“Tag a friend” content

It happens quite often nowadays that social media users tag their friends in comment sections. Although it is not so original anymore, you can still take advantage of “tag a friend” content. Your job is to post exciting and appealing content and invite users to tag friends that somehow relate to the content. Not only you’ll get more followers and create engagement, but you will also give users a feel for the brand without being too spammy or promotional.

Use emojis as much as possible

There’s no way you can engage the audience without being funny from time to time, regardless of which industry you belong to. In the social media world, emojis are crucial for audience engagement, especially in Facebook posts. However, it is essential to choose relevant emojis that fit a particular meaning, so you should take care of it. Nevertheless, if you are not familiar with social media or you don’t have enough time to spend on it regularly, it is better to seek help. At Pro Social Content, we offer different social media packages, check them out, and, if you wish, pick the one you prefer the most.


Use trending topics

Keeping an eye on current trends on social media will, for sure, increase your exposure. On Facebook or Twitter, it is easy to check out all current trending topics. However, you first have to make sure why people use a particular hashtag, and also, is it somehow related to your brand, product, and service or not. Finally, if you want to post on Instagram, be careful with hashtags. Although you can use 30 of them, there is usually no need to use more than 9.

(Video) testimonials

There are no better brand advocates than your customers. Written reviews are okay, but there is a much more powerful way to show the power of your brand – video testimonials! Simply ask your customers if they would mind speaking about your product and brand. You can either visit them and do an interview or talk to them at trade shows and other events and conferences. However, there is the last option (which is also okay) – they can record themselves on their mobile phones and send videos to your inbox or email.

Share tips

Excellent social media content is not all about promoting products or services. Instead, you should share interesting posts and help potential customers with challenges related to your industry, brand, or product. Tips and advice are a useful way to create relationships with customers and demonstrate knowledge and expertise. How-to videos are also helpful, especially when it comes to new products or some news within your industry.

Continually coming up with fresh social media promotion ideas is not easy at all. There’s a reason why social media became a separate marketing area – it requires so much creative work and dedication. Therefore, if you don’t have enough time and knowledge to work on social media tasks regularly, throw all that burden to us. At Pro Social Content, we offer different packages that suit small, medium-sized, and large businesses. If you feel it is the time to start improving your social media efforts, check our offer, pick a package, and contact us.

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