Why is it an Excellent Idea to Outsource Social Media?


Social media is an essential part of modern business, regardless of industry niche or how big your client’s (or your) company is. In 2020, we will have 186.3 million monthly smartphone social users. That fact solely is enough to understand that, in most cases, (much) more than half of your client’s audience is present on social media channels every day. Therefore, it is a business opportunity that you have to utilize. But also, there are crucial reasons why it is better to outsource social media to white label social media resellers – agencies and experts in this marketing field. Let’s dive deeper into each of these reasons.

You don’t have that much time

It is impossible to work equally on all marketing areas that your client’s business requires. You don’t have enough time during the day or a week for everything. Therefore, you are forced to either cut something out or to outsource it. The first option is not good since it might be a sign for your client that you’re not professional and reliable. On the other hand, outsourcing is an option that fixes all problems at once, especially when it comes to important and delicate areas such as social media.

Imagine how much time you can save by outsourcing social media to a professional white-label service. At Pro Social Content, we put a lot of effort into every post, so your client can expand reach and attract more audience. It is a regular, everyday work, and doing it in the right way leaves no time for anything else. That’s why outsourcing is the only reasonable option you have unless you plan to work 24/7.

Social media requires expertise

Remember, social media is not about creating casual posts and scheduling. On the contrary, posts are there to engage followers and customers, and therefore, they have to be well-prepared, informational, and creative. In other words, if you don’t put a lot of effort into creating each post, you won’t achieve results. It is even better not to run social media pages at all than running it clumsily.

Social media agencies either opt for specializing one area (Facebook, for instance) or sometimes, they go one step further and create full service plans (like Pro Social Content) and comprehensive digital campaigns. However, several things are similar to both options, and all of them are related to creating high-quality posts.


First of all, you need to know who you are targeting and what you want them to do. Also, each client requires different brand messaging, as well as the tone and voice, and you must think about it when creating posts. Finally, you need to determine how often you need to create each type of post. You can’t spam promotional ones all the time. Instead, you should develop a weekly strategy so that you can dedicate each day to a specific type of post. Of course, it depends on your client’s requirements and business niche.

Besides excellent content that social media posts require, there should also be a creative image or video that explains the story even better. Therefore, to have an effective social media strategy, you need a team of experts. That is precisely why it is good to outsource social media to an agency, such as Pro Social Content, and choose a white-label service based on your client’s needs and budget limitations.

Using the right tools

Same as any other marketing field, social media also requires using the right set of tools. If you are not specialized in social media, you most likely won’t know which tool is the best for every part of the process – writing, designing, publishing, and managing the content.

So, first of all, if your client doesn’t provide you the access to necessary tools, you will have to spend a massive amount of time just to find the right ones. It doesn’t work that way. On the other hand, professional social media agencies already have their set of tools for each part of the creating process. It saves them time and money, and it will be the case with you as well if you choose to outsource social media.


Find reliable service to outsource social media

When you want to hire an agency, it is easy to check their portfolio and also, to ask business partners what was their experience with a particular agency. Nowadays, there are so many ways to check someone’s expertise before making the deal.

Freelancers are also an option, but generally, it is a lot harder to test their skills and check their reliability. Also, you can’t hire only one freelancer – you need at least two persons – a writer, who also has to work on all the publishing and managing part, and a designer.

The situation with agencies is entirely different – there are always enough people working on each part of the process. Hence, you won’t have to worry if one person gets sick or misses at work because of any other reason. A reliable, white label social media agency, with the right set of services and years of experience, is the -most reliable option of them all.

The price

Finally, the last and often deciding point for people who are still in a dilemma is cost. Let’s go through all the options.

Freelance is the least expensive, but, as we already mentioned, it is not the most reliable option for different reasons.

On the contrary, if your business needs scientific posts, for instance, then you have to hire an enterprise that is strictly related to your area of work. Of course, this option is the most expensive, for an apparent reason. Such a small target audience requires specific language, tone, and voice, and they are the only ones who are fully able to understand it. However, if you don’t need such specific posts and articles, there is no point in spending that much money.

Finally, there are reseller social media agencies that represent a middle-cost option. If your client’s business needs informational, creative, and engaging posts, this option is the best by far. You will get high-quality service without spending a massive amount of money.

Almost every agency offers a different set of packages. At Pro Social Content, we offer you either Full Service Plans or Content Only Packages. Of course, we are aware that every client has a different budget, so we divided both options into a few categories so that you can choose the most suitable variation for your client. More money – more posts, simple as that.

Hopefully, you now have a much better understanding of why outsource social media to the white label service is an excellent option. Save your time (and money) and transfer all that work to people who are real experts in this marketing field.