“The New Facebook” Update – New Design and Features


At the F8 event in 2019, Facebook executives announced a massive redesign update called The New Facebook. There were four major redesigns in the history of this social media platform. However, this one (FB5), is going to be the biggest. It will be a complete change in how Facebook works and looks on both mobile and desktop.

Facebook executives describe the new design as a cleaner, with an all-white look and a dark mode option. But, most importantly, it is an interface update with a focus on Groups and Events – two significant reasons why people visit Facebook every day. As a result, the News Feed will be much less featured.

Anyways, changes are more than welcome. Therefore, let’s break them down thoroughly, so you can have a better understanding of what to expect.

All-white design and dark mode option

As executives said, their goal is to make a cleaner and brighter Facebook. Therefore, both desktop and mobile apps will have an all-white design. Everything besides photos, videos, stories, and the logo of Facebook will be white.

However, there is one more option for all those who don’t prefer the all-white look. Dark modes were prevalent during the last year on numerous apps and platforms. Hence, Facebook decided to follow this trend as well – they’ll offer dark mode to mobile and desktop users.


News Feed, Groups, and Events

The most significant change in “The New Facebook” update is going to happen in the News Feed. At Facebook, they believe that family and friends should be the core of our social lives. Therefore, they decided to prioritize Facebook Groups as the primary way of getting our content from Facebook in the future.

Finding new groups related to our interests will be much easier. At the groups feed, we’ll be able to see all the recent activity within our preferred groups. Also, we can make it default feed (instead of News Feed). As a result, there will be more connections and interactions among groups.

However, it is not the end of the News Feed. In fact, we will still see all status updates, as well as new photos. But, it is not the main feature of this update.

When it comes to events, Facebook will redesign the Event page layout in order to make it easier to find nearby things you prefer. A map feature will allow you to see where these events are happening, as well as a calendar for upcoming events. In other words, we’ll be able to find out every single event that is going to happen in your environment. 

Other features of “The New Facebook” update

Privacy efforts

Facebook executives outlined six main components that will, hopefully, improve privacy – private interactions, safety, secure data storage, encryptions, reduced permanence, and interoperability. Logically, Facebook wants to regain lost trust due to some problems that occurred with users’ data. However, this change might take a bit longer than the rest.

Meet New Friends

Meet New Friends is (kind of) a redesign of the “People You May Know” function, but with a focus on profile data. It is a way of introducing you to people who share your interests. For example, it can recommend a person based on similar groups you joined. Or, if you both worked for the same company or went to the same school in the past.

Secret Crushes

Secret Crushes is a new feature that will tell you if a friend that you have a crush on has an interest in you. However, it will be available only in countries where Facebook Dating is available, which means that the US and UK are excluded.

Close Friends

It is still not entirely clear how Close Friends will function on Facebook and Instagram stories. However, what we know for sure, it is going to be a dedicated tab where you will see your closest family members and friends and share photos and videos with them easily.


Features for specific communities

Facebook executives announced that there would be interaction improvements for Facebook Live and particular communities, such as Chat for Gaming Groups. These new benefits will mostly affect people who use these communities for buying and selling purposes.

Messenger desktop app

Messenger will get a desktop app for both Windows and MacOS. The goal is to make Messenger much more accessible on a desktop. Keep in mind that it’s going to be entirely different from the Facebook Messenger web app that already exists for years.

Targeting options and Business Manager

In the future, Facebook will continue to improve targeting options. Besides demographics, narrowing will also include interests and behaviors. On top of that, Facebook will also take more and more action against discriminatory ad targeting in particular business categories, especially credit and employment.

Recently, Facebook introduced new design and navigation for the Business Manager. Also, there is a shortcut tool that provides suggestions based on past activities. However, in “The New Facebook” update, there will be no further improvements for the Business Manager.

As you can see, “The New Facebook” update will bring a lot of exciting features and options with itself. Of course, it will take time for users to get used to those changes and adapt to the new look. If you are using Facebook mostly for business purposes, it might become difficult for you to quickly adjust to new features and options, in which case, you’ll probably need some help.

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