White Label social media - From A to Z

Sign Up Process

1. Select a social media management package on our "Services" page

2. Complete the checkout process.

3. You will be prompted to the "Kick-Off Form" page, where you need to provide information bout your client's business.

4. We will schedule a quick phone call to connect your social media pages.

6. Send us the link to your online storage folder with the company images and transparent logos.

7. The posting will start on the 7th day after the purchase.

Sign up for social media

Content Approval Process

1. After we create the first set of 30 posts, we will email them to you in a PowerPoint presentation.

2. Each following month, on the the date of your billing, you will receive a new PowerPoint presentation with the appropriate number of posts, for the upcoming one month period.

3. You will have a time-frame of 7 days to approve the list, until the previous one is published.

4. You may request a re-do for up 3 posts for each social media package. Each additional re-do will be charged $5 per request.

PowerPoint Example

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact us on info@prosocialcontent.com