How to Grow Your Instagram Audience?



It is needless to say how popular Instagram is in the entire world. That being said, it is also clear why it’s such an effective and attractive brand promotional tool. Your audience is there, it is not questionable, but to attract them, you need to choose the right approach and utilize proven ideas and methods. In this article, we will show you five ways on how to grow your Instagram audience.

Use hashtags in the right way

Hashtags are popular on multiple social media channels, but nowhere that much as on Instagram. Using the right hashtag appropriately can expose your photo to a broader audience, even if there are users who don’t follow you. But, there is one mistake that many people still make. Don’t overcrowd your posts with too many hashtags! That’s just wrong, every time. Adding too many tenuous or irrelevant hashtags will be considered as spam. Also, you probably won’t grow your Instagram audience. Even if you do, you’ll attract the wrong kind of followers, which is not beneficial for your business as well.

When it comes to relevant hashtags, you can load them up a bit. According to Hootsuite, for optimal engagement, you can use around eleven relevant hashtags (sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the type of the post, business niche). Finally, don’t forget about trending hashtags – they have the potential to make a huge difference! For instance, if you are posting about a popular (local) event, many users will search the same thing. So, don’t miss such an opportunity to grow your audience.


Post creative content consistently

Not being annoying and spammy is the first precondition to success on Instagram. Nobody wants to see one of your products over and over during a few days. Not only you won’t grow your Instagram audience that way, but you also won’t create engagement among existing followers. If your posts are not engaging, it is probably time to revise your content and see which changes you can make. Nothing engages the audience better than creativity.

Although photos have a priority on Instagram, excellent content is almost equally important. It should be informative, useful, and creative, as much as your subject allows you. To put it simply – your followers have a reason why they follow you, and you don’t want to disappoint them. Besides being creative and informative, you should be as consistent as possible. If you’re going to gain more followers, you should probably opt for a higher frequency (2-3 photos per day). Posting more and more quality photos, alongside creative description, will definitely expose your brand and help you grow your Instagram audience.

Video is the king

Using only photos in all your posts will sooner or later become boring for your followers. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize Instagram video, IGTV, and live video and make your posts more exciting and appealing. At the beginning of the video era on Instagram, it was limited to 15 seconds, but nowadays, we can record or upload up to a minute. Videos are great for every single marketing purpose – driving traffic, increasing brand awareness, boosting purchases, engaging customers, etc. Using videos in your posts more often will very likely put you ahead of the competition (depending on a few factors), which is, in the end, the ultimate goal of every business.

Use the right filters and emojis

Instagram was always the home of fun photo filters. Although there are many more advanced tools nowadays, filters can still do the trick of making an ordinary photo appealing and beautiful. But they can do much more. Using the right filter quite often leads to more views and engagement. Filtered photos are more likely to be viewed and commented than regular (unfiltered) photos. With filters, you can achieve different effects, such as warm tones or high contrast, which have an immediate impact on people.


Emojis are another crucial feature of social media in general, including Instagram, of course. Although their usage depends on your business niche and target buyer personas, emojis can, in most cases, play a massive role in building Instagram engagement and followers. The most common ones are smiley faces, animals, hearts, and other small images that convey and express emotions. If you believe emojis are the right tactic for your audience, try adding them to your posts more often, and see if results are positive or not.

Focus on creating community instead of a fan base

In the end, remember that it’s always better to create a likeminded, authentic, and loyal community than a fan base. To achieve that, you need to entertain and serve your audience, and also, to be open for community feedback. Don’t hesitate to ask your followers what insights they are looking for and which type of content they prefer? You can engage with your community by creating polls and questionnaires. There are two benefits to this approach. First, followers will get a feeling that they are an important part of your brand, and second, you will have a better understanding of which posts you should focus on.

By continually establishing your Instagram presence, you’ll see which posts create the most engagement among your community, and what they enjoy sharing. Also, keep in mind that if you want to create a community instead of a fan base, you have to be authentic and original. Creating a sense of closeness between your brand and the audience is impossible without having your own tone of voice. Finally, even when you grow your base, don’t become arrogant, and ignore comments. You have to maintain a close relationship with your community, so you should never stop replying to comments (especially negative ones, where people complain about a particular product or service).


Instagram is a platform that provides massive opportunities for business promotion. But, without the proper strategy and appropriate content, you will definitely experience a downfall. To prevent such a situation from happening, you should either learn how to promote your brand by yourself or hire experts to do this job for you. At Pro Social Content, it is our expertise to help businesses establish their presence on Instagram. Check out our Full Service and Content Only plans, and you’ll find a package that suits your current business needs.