6 Critical Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid


Every company, organization, or any other business can massively benefit from social media. Nowadays, a massive number of the world population is on social media, whether on mobile, PC, or any other device. The point is – your target audience is definitely present on social media, and you have to utilize such an opportunity. But, utilization doesn’t mean just posting random things whenever you want. Instead, you need to make the right calls and not make mistakes continually. In this article, we will show you the six most critical social media mistakes you have to avoid in order to have successful campaigns on social media.

Working without an appropriate plan and strategy

Simply posting your content randomly on social media channels without a careful strategy and plan behind it is a waste of time. We really mean it – no plan means zero effect. First of all, you need to understand what your possibilities are, in terms of budget limitations and resources. Then, focus on your current business goals and the main reasons why you want to post content on social media. To put it simply, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve on social media and also how you are going to implement it. So, before you start posting, it is essential to develop all necessary tactics to fulfill your social media strategy. Of all critical social media mistakes, this one is the worst, by far.

Ignore identifying your specific target audience

It is impossible to have success with your social media campaigns without targeting your particular audience. It is the essence of building a productive and effective strategy. When it comes to social media marketing, it is vital to direct your efforts to the platforms used by your “ideal buyer persona,” or in other words, your ideal clients. But, how to define your target audience? First, think about your product or service and try to determine who would be interested. Then, after a few weeks or a month, track the results of your campaign, and check if you were right or wrong. Afterward, define your audience again (if necessary) based on different factors, such as demographics, age, interests, affinities, etc. Knowing your audience is crucial for retargeting, but also for finding the right tone of communication.


Not posting consistently or posting too much

Being consistent on social media is probably the most important rule of them all. Exact consistency and period between posts depend on your business niche, budget, target audience, and other factors. But anyway, whatever time interval works for you, stick to it at all costs because consistency is the key! The reason behind it is simple – you need to keep your followers engaged and interested continually. However, there is a counterpart. Some people take consistency so seriously that they start making another mistake – they start posting too much, which is equally harmful as being inconsistent. Why? Because it will annoy your followers and potential buyers. No one wants to see your posts over and over for one single day. An average follower would say: “Ok, this is too much, I’ll just unfollow these guys even though they have cool stuff.” Don’t let such thought come into the mind of your followers. Be consistent, but not too pushy.

Not responding on negative comments or even deleting them

When negative comments, reviews, or posts about your brand or product appear online, you should not react impulsively. Never respond with the same negativity because it doesn’t help. The only thing it does is triggering a ripple effect and even increase the chances that someone else will share such a thread. Or, some people delete negative comments or threads, which is even worse. By doing that, you are basically saying that your product or service has some (or many) disadvantages, and you want to hide them. Therefore, such an approach could become a disaster for your brand. Instead of deleting or answering with the same negative tone, you should do something opposite. Be kind to persons who spoke negatively, provide a solution to their problems, or ask more questions if it is not clear what the issue is. Also, thank them for comment, regardless of negativity. Such a positive and constructive approach shows that you care about your customers/followers.


Using wrong or irrelevant hashtags

Exposure on social media requires hashtags, especially on Instagram and Twitter. Not using hashtags is a mistake, but what is even worse is using wrong or irrelevant hashtags. The reason is simple – you will get in front of the wrong audience and achieve nothing. Also, don’t just take a trending hashtag because it is popular. Do your research first, and check if you truly need that hashtag. So, it is essential to learn which hashtags are appropriate to your post and message, but also how to use them appropriately.

Hashtags are super powerful for getting in front of the right people. But that also means you have to be careful. Reaching a massive number of people is great, but it is an obligation as well. You can’t make a mistake because there’s no time to delete the post. So, you have to be careful and thoughtful before using your hashtags and reaching a broader audience.

Not tracking results

Last but not least, a critical mistake is to ignore the importance of tracking results. Every marketing endeavor, including social media, needs continuous testing and measuring. You have to know if your efforts bring the kind of return you hoped for or not. Consistent monitoring of your activities will help you define the right social media strategies and tactics after only a few weeks or months. The effectiveness of your social media campaigns is crucial, and without measuring results, you won’t be able to find the right formula for your business. So, to know how effective each of your social media marketing efforts is, you have to track all the results.

These critical social media mistakes should be avoided at all costs. However, we are aware that it is difficult for business owners to pay too much attention to social media because they have so many other tasks every single day. That’s where we come in. At Pro Social Content, we provide affordable Full Service and Content Only plans. Every plan is suitable for different stages of different businesses. So, check each option thoroughly, and you’ll definitely find an appropriate choice for your business.

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