5 Social Media Trends to be Aware of in 2020


Nowadays, when digital presence matters for every business, not utilizing the power of social media in the right way could become a disaster. That’s why you should always be aware of social media trends so that you can create the appropriate strategy for the upcoming period. Therefore, let’s go through 5 primary social media trends for this year.

Video Marketing

In today’s world, everyone loves watching videos. Plus, some predictions say that, by 2022, we’ll have more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic covered by videos. So, it has to be perfect – it has to retain the user’s attention, to be exciting, and, most importantly, ENGAGING! Live videos are also more and more popular each year, so pay attention to that part. Whenever you have an opportunity, make a live Facebook video or make multiple stories on Instagram from an event or conference, for example.


Social Shopping

E-commerce businesses and Google Ads are in a relationship for so many years already. It was, and it’s still the best way to advertise such type of online store. However, more and more users are now moving to the most popular platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, it’s critical to utilize the opportunity to integrate your business with Facebook Marketplace, but also with Instagram Shopping, Pinterest, etc. Social commerce will become a mainstream retail channel very soon. It will be more appealing than regular websites and online stores. A massive number of people now find products on social media, mostly Instagram, which is likely to expand even more. Instagram takes e-commerce much higher than traditional shopping spaces, such as Amazon or eBay.

Private Groups

The growth of social media communities was inevitable, and it will continue to rise. So, creating a group with your customers means that you, as a brand, can utilize those same communities to gain insights, seek feedback, and promote new products. It’s insane how many things you can get just from making one Facebook group. Even Mark Zuckerberg claims that private groups are the future of Facebook. A similar trend will happen on LinkedIn, where people gather in groups to exchange valuable business information and ideas.


Mobile-first Content

How to know which content is top-notch for a mobile device? Well, the only relevant measure is if you manage to make someone stop scrolling, for at least 10 seconds. It means that either your headline, or even a whole article, stole customers’ attention. Plus, every year, more and more users are using social media on their mobile devices. Only that fact is enough to understand how important it is to have mobile-friendly content that generates engagement. But, not all social media platforms implemented a vertical format that is suitable for mobile. The best examples that focus on vertical format are Instagram and Pinterest. Instagram stories and Instagram TV both focus entirely on vertical content, which makes this platform almost entirely mobile. As a result, creating content mostly for Instagram, and focusing more on your photos and videos, is probably the wisest idea (for most businesses).

Local Targeting

It is needless to say how crucial local targeting is for all businesses that operate within one state or even one city. Location-based targeting is there to reach the local audience from your surroundings, the same way local optimization is essential for local SEO. Once you add your location to multiple types of social media content, you higher your chances that the local community would like to visit your place. Geo-targeting is vital for placing your ads appropriately. Furthermore, it is also useful for targeting the right people for your local conference or a brand event.

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